List Of Other MMM PONZI Alternatives To Stay Off In 2017 (UPDATE)


Honestly, I desire No more loss for us this year, and that is only possible if we take caution and be less GREEDY! If you care to know there is not anything like EASY WAY to make money online! Every online business  requires time, dedication, consistency and hard work. Leave it or take it; the way to go is to work smart!!!

That is why I will be doing my best to educate us on some of the online businesses to stay off from this year. Last year was indeed awesome but not without some people loosing their money to some ONLINE PONZI scheme businesses. If you don’t know how to identify a PONZI scheme; you can read up this post: PONZI Hidden Ideology Exposed 

Today, I shall be listing some PONZI Schemes to stay off this year and I will be updating the list from time to time:

  1. MMM
  2. HelpingRefolution
  3. iCharity
  4. Zarfund
  5. Pebblefund
  6. GiversForum
  7. Ultimate Cycler
  8. Smile2Charity
  9. Twinkas
  10. Five2btc
  11. Greenspeer
  12. Paycycler
  13. PayeeCycler
  14. Easy1up
  15. Donationhub
  16. NNN Nigeria
  17. Gethelpworldwide
  18. Paid Rocket
  19. Nairapayout

Please, I am not saying that these PONZI schemes are not paying but my point is that they are BOUND to FAIL!!! So, why are people so crazy about these PONZI schemes? Are they not aware of the risk involved? If they are aware of the risk involved why do they join? These and many more questions will be answered in my nest post.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to fine a Network that works and start making consistent passive income. At least, it is possible with Bit4Bits, Helping Hands International, Trevo, Forever Living Products and many more other genuine online networking platform built on a working system.

If you need help on joining any Genuine online networking platform; I can be off help! Just drop your comments, request and questions bellow and I will response to it in no time.

A final not of warning to all EARNBASERS; there is nothing like EASY MONEY making system. If it was that easy why does the owner of the system needs your MONEY? It is high time you start doing meaningful and honorable online!

I know some people are going to be defensive on this matter but that won’t change the fact of PONZI schemes being a SCAM. Irrespective what what you say and think the truth still remains!!!

21 thoughts on “List Of Other MMM PONZI Alternatives To Stay Off In 2017 (UPDATE)”

  1. wow… gethelpers247 is bomb, credit alert every day by day, am on my 4th cycling now. gethelpers247.. you too much jare…

    • @Okwuosa, I am sorry, I don’t do ponzi. Besides, there is nothing like genuine Ponzi, even MMM was never genuine.

  2. wenaira is new and its paying. just got to know about it 2 days ago. i did the 10,000 naira and 5, 000 naira package is 100%.

    • @Geraid, I am afraid; I did not get you right! Are you asking question about networking programs generally? or there is a particular network program you want to know about?

  3. Wow, this your opinion… O ga o. Please what’s IA the difference between Bit4bit and Zarfund? What is the difference between iCharity and H2i?
    See how you are just comfortably misleading people because you’re looking for downlines. Of course, only people that are novices to this matter will fall prey and become your downlines.

    On a separate note, you could really use some improvement on your grammar. Your SEO is great but judging by what I just read, content and composition leaves a lot to be desired.

    • @Jay, thanks so much for the suggestions; I will definitely work to improvement.
      Unfortunately, you got the whole piece wrong; for your information everything have written was just an honest review. However, I am going to do a post on ZarFund and Bit4Bits to clarify your illusion. I will also help you with clear deferences between iCharity and H2i.
      All the same you won my heart for your advise. Please, when you come to read this just drop me your number; I will love to speak with you.
      Thank so much Jay

    • I love your reply Jay! I have been with MMM since 2011 and seen all of it’s ups and downs which was caused by lies peddled by the Russian Government because the power MMM wields to be able to collapse the banking system should everyone understand their ideologies!!

      H2i, Forever living and all that you mentioned all operate on the principles on pyramid schemes! Every MLM is a potential Ponzi!

      I love to read but I am not moved one bit!

  4. How do i do bit4bits? I registered yesterday but did not know how to do it as it is taking about bitcoin. Please help. thanks for your concern.

    • Thank you happiness. All you have to do is to pay the equivalent of your activation FEE into BIT4BITs Bitcoin wallet address and your account will be activated immediately. If you don’t have a bitcoin account you can contact your sponsor to have you pay the in bitcoin while you pay him or her the equivalent in Naira.
      I hope this helps

  5. I have joined nairapayout both me and my brother is more than a week and they didn’t match me either he, is Nairapayout still function.

    • @Balogun, I am sorry I may not be able to answer your question as whether NairaPayOut is functioning or not. But one thing that I know is that NO PONZI Scheme is here to STAY!!! They will all fold up sooner or later; that is just their ways. That is why you are advise to invest in something that will give you peace of mind.
      Thanks for visiting earnbase


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