Beware Of ATM Fraudsters

beware of atm scam or fraudI saw this on a friend’s (Ibe Caleb) Facebook wall and decide to publish on here for you all to see.This is actually nothing new about this really but the good thing about this story is that – it’s a true life story. if you are like me; you will agree with me that good story lines are hard to forget – this is one such story. I hope we all learn from this because BenjaminZion was a VICTIM.

Read till the end Ooh:

Since last week Wednesday till yesterday, I frequently receive an SMS from this phone number: 234 803 413 8959. and the message read thus:

“Dear Customer, due to the BVN validation in compliance with CBN directives, your ATM card has been deactivated. Call our helpline on 08034138959 now.

My people, at first, I ignored it severally knowing that if truly its from First Bank, the SMS should’ve bear FIRST BANK name.

Then on Sunday, someone visited my house, so I decided to go withdraw but the ATM machine displayed that I’ve exceeded 5times of withdrawal which I haven’t.
Now, I believed the SMS I got might be from the Bank Manager of the branch where I opened my account @ Onitsha.

Then today, around 12:17pm, I got same SMS and I decided to call because I’ll be attending a seminar tomorrow here in Enugu which I need to withdraw money that will aid my transport and other expenses.

When I called, the number picked up & said “This Is FBN helpline, I’m speaking with Mr Benjamin Zion Arinzechukwu” I replied “Yes”. He called out my account number & the last two digits of my ATM card. I was shocked then, I now believed it was from First Bank.
Throughout the dialogue, he was calling me Sir, Sir, Sir. I was convinced coz that’s how bankers treat customers.

atm scam alert

He asked me to call the 19digit pin on my ATM card, which is the Serial number & I dis exactly.
Within 4mins, I got this five code (28506) which I sent back to them as instructed. They told me to call Back after 40mins.

My people, within 25mins, I got an alert of #10.000, five times, which is 50.000naira.
I called back the number & complained; they say, they’ll refund the money within the remaining 15mins. That they’re testing the pin.

Then, I began suspecting the whole transaction.
I called a staff @ FBN Onitsha, the branch where I opened the account, her line was switched off.
I suspended the lunch I was preparing, switch off the gas cooker, dressed up like a mad man and made my way out of the house.

I stopped a Keke (tricycle), I even wore my belt and shirt inside the Keke.
When I got to the bank, I went straight to the Bank Manager’s office (My new friend), I complained to him. He was mad @ me & blamed me for not calling him to confirm since I have his contact. I also blamed him for not informing me hitherto coz he knows such info & didn’t informed me earlier.
He took me to the “Customer Service Unit”, I was given a form where I penned down my Acc name & number. They blocked the ATM card & pin immediately.
Still @ the spot, I got a withdrawal alert of #30.000naira, summing it #80,000.

Many people came for same purpose; a lady was lamenting that after giving them her ATM Serial pin, within 30mins, she got an alert that she transferred 200.000 two times i.e 400.000naira. To one Mr Jude Okonta. Then, my anger was lessened, I began to thank God for making me notice on time & acted fastly.
I went outside & test the ATM card and it was blocked truly.

I called back the line, and the man/guy said “Sorry sir, for the inconvenience, we’re trying to refund the money but there’s poor network. I quickly lay curse upon the man, and gave him 1week to refund my money or he’ll meet his waterloo.

How can a student like me lose such amount to nothing good.
Though I’m burning with ANGER & GRUDGES but
I decided to write an article on this, so that none of my friend will fall victim as I did today.
Kindly share this to others.

My names are: Benjamin Zion Arinzechukwu.

I also have received a message like this before but ignore it. Please, beware and always be on alert. However, you can share you experience here for others to learn.

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