All You Need To Know About EGG Distribution Business In Nigeria

how to start egg distribution business in NigeiraThis is a true life story. So, don’t mess with it! Sometimes last year; I went to the market with a sister in my church to see her sister because she needed to raise some cash for another business. This sister on mine is into frozen foods. On getting there; her sister was telling her that she would have been very rich if she also have being selling eggs like she is doing. To convince her sister; she said even if she has a doctor as a child she will sell EGG! Shock of life!!! A doctor; sell EGG?

So, when I got home; I started pondering on what transpire among us in the market and something kept coming to my mind: “if I have a doctor as a child; she will sell EGG”. Just recently, I decide to go an interview the woman because I want to know how this business runs.

It is true that very few people knows there are millions of naira to be made in Egg distribution business. This although can be attributed to so many factors.

  1. EGG does not need light like Fish, Turkey, Chicken and Meat.
  2. Egg is very affordable for the consumer when compared to Fish, Turkey, Chicken and Meat.
  3. Egg Business Less stressful when compared to Fish, Turkey, Chicken and Meat.
  4. As a matter of fact little of no tools are needed for this business
  5. Egg has various uses e.g for baking, consumption e.t.c

you wil agree with me that being a farmer is not an easy task. That is why most people detest that profession with passion. It is also another reason while Egg distribution business is very lucrative; because many of those  poultry farmers do not have the time to market the Eggs because of the task of managing the farm. Production of poultry eggs is a major source of income for farmers who are into layer birds production. Producers of layers feed and poultry cages, drinkers and feeders also make money from this industry.

How does this business works?

This business is just too simple to follow as it requires no special skill. It requires five simple steps:

  1. You locate a farm that sells egg
  2. Collect Eggs at a lower rate
  3. Then locate a retailer that is willing to buy your eggs
  4. Sell at an higher rate to the retailer
  5. Send me the profits or if you like keep it to yourself

Things You’ll Need To Succeed In Egg Distribution business


Irrespective of your capacity you need to have your money at hand; for the farmer will listen to you. it is the capital you have that will determine how many crates you are baying and at what price sometimes. This business is a business of quantities –  the more you buy the better the price. In fact, in some cases you won’t even get a supply from the farm; not because you don’t have your money with you, but because the Eggs were not enough. This is because you will still be tested over a period of time for consistency and sales capacity. If you pass this test then you can be sure to always have a supply from that farmer.


After you already have your capital; the next thing for you is to get a big and reliable farm. You will see me use the word BIG and RELIABLE farmers. This is because the Bigger the Farm the cheaper the price you are likely to get. As for reliability; you will need a reliable FARM to be in business already. When sourcing for a FARM; you should look for farms that can give you the eggs at competitive prices. The price of medium eggs ranges from #550-#650 per crate while Jumbo (Extra large or Double Yolk) goes for #670 – #700 Naira per crate. Some farms will not allow you come to the farm with your own paper crates to avoid transmission of infection through crates used on other farms. Paper crates can be sold to you at the rate of N35-45 depending on the poultry farm. You will also need to consider the selling price, quality of eggs in terms of size and colour, distance to market and means of transporting the eggs.


The next thing to do is to get a reliable retailer because this to a great extend determine the success of your egg distribution. This is very important because your retailers should be closer to your own shop and not the Farm where you collect eggs. That is why you need to get your customers first before getting a shop for yourself.


Most egg dealer move eggs from poultry farms to the market or their shops with the use of vans. If you do not have a van or truck, you can hire one for a start.


Depending on the size of your capital. you can start small though. You can use KEKE NAPEP to pickup your eggs from the farm if you can’t afford the cost of renting a truck. The only things that you must do is to drive careful y, pad the vehicle and do a compact arrangement to  minimize the amount of cracks.



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