How To Make Huge Money As A Graphics Designer

teespring2Are you a designer or a graphics artist that desires to make some huge passive income? Do you wish you have your own customized T-shirt selling online? Do you have a campaign you want to stage and you need bulk T-Shirt? Maybe you are a supplier that needs to make large supply but you do not know where to get great discount – congratulations. Do you want to surprise someone or you are looking for a great way to propose to your girl friend? Do you even know you can brand any product for someone very special? In this piece, I shall be exposing some useful websites where you can get all these and many more things done. 

There are many reasons why you will want to use the following websites. Your own reason might be because you want to make some extra cash selling their products. While another person reason might be because he or she want to sell his or her own products. Whatever, might be your reasons; you are inn for a treat.

If you are not a graphic designer and you are willing to learn. You can Get our DVD (CorelDraw@ Ease) as a FREE BONUS if you order any of our products. This DVD will take you from an amateur to being a professional in graphics. Quickly, let me run over the 5 websites that can  make you huge money if you are a graphics designer. You probably must have heard about them but I bet you have to heard of them in this view:



teespringWhat is TeeSpring?

Teespring is a platform that makes it easy for anyone to create and sell high-quality products people love, with no cost or risk. With Teespring, you can create lovely T-shirt with cool design in no time with at no cost or risk. Another good thing about the great website is that you can download your design to show your friends or better still send them your design link. Teespring, is 100% FREE as you will not be charged if no sale in made. It is indeed one of my favorite website.

However, you’ll have to set a sales goal or tipping point, which is the minimum you need to sell in order to have your shirts printed. Then share your campaign via email, your own website, or your favorite social media networks. Your customers won’t be charged unless your campaign reaches the tipping point. Once your campaign ends, shirts are printed and sent out and you’ll be sent a check for the profit. Another good thing about this website is that you can see the estimates of your profit before you start selling.

What Can You Do With Teespring:

  1. You can design cool t-Shirt and offer it as a service on Fiverr. Your Gig can be something like this: “I will write your brand on my t-Shirt for just $5.”
  2. You can use your design photo as a display picture on your social medial to promote your brand.
  3. You can send the picture as a sample design
  4. You can even offer to sell the T-shirt on a website like eBay
  5.  You can even sell on their store

Meanwhile, there are many factors that determines how much you can earn with TeeSpring, and it varies depending on everything  from the text and design you use to your choice of t-shirt.

Simple Profit Calculation

Lets make an example just for you have an idea of possible earnings with TeeSpring.  You can start with a basic shirt that costs $5.75 and add a design and text for a total cost of $7.40 per shirt. You can choose your retail price, but say you choose to sell your shirts for $13.90 each and have a goal of selling 50 shirts. That would give you a profit of $325 and if you sell more you make more profit.

Remember this requires no effort from your side aside from the graphics you design and the traffic you probably drive to your Teespring store. Your earning potential is endless. Now, I can attend to your questions. Questions time; learning time!

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