15 Business Ideas For FootBall Lovers

You probably must have heard this more than once; build a business around your passion, and business becomes fun. Listen up guys, come to think of it; how will you like to have a business that looks like a game? I mean, doing business with fun; that is exactly what I will be sharing with you today – 15 Businesses you can start as a football lover.

  1. Open a Sports Store

It doesn’t matter where you live in the country, people play sports. Taking the extra time to make sure your idea for a sports store fits in with the local culture is important. There is nothing stopping from having an online sports store with either Jumia or Konga selling sports related items.

  1. Become a Coach

I think this is one of the cheapest way to build a business in sports; as all you need is just an idea. Once you have an idea people will listen to you as a coach. If you are truly a football lover, you probably want to pass along some of your knowledge and experience. You can start a coaching business. Although, you may not be making money at first, but once you have your voice, you will be raking in thousands of naira monthly.

  1. Become a Sports Blogger

Even if nobody is ready to listen to you; setting up a sports blog is still an option for you, as you have unlimited range of audiences. Setting up a blog as your sports business requires very little capital. You can blog about the sports you were involved in or choose a wider swath. Insider information from colleagues with athletic backgrounds will position your blog in a good place. Blogging is easier now with the help of Blogger and WordPress; you can even start one for FREE.

  1. Become a Sports Photographer

Do you know that you can start making money as a sports photographer? All you need to start this business is just a phone with good camera, and you are good to go. At first you might start by sharing your photos on social medias for FREE, but later you start selling your photos, and sports event organizers start calling you for sports events.

  1. Start a Sports Betting Website

If you are truly a football lover, you must have heard about NairaBet, BetNaija and the likes. Do you know those guys are making a lot of money from those websites? The good thing is that you can also start by owning your own sports betting website. This is a growing industry that can certainly be helped along with past sports experience. All you’ll need is to find the right kind of software and stay abreast of the requirements in the jurisdiction you’re setting the website.

  1. Become a YouTube Trainer

This is another way to start making money with your passion. Have you ever asked yourself, how Iroko TV, Mak Angel comedy Woli Agba, Woli Arole are making money with videos? That is the power of YouTube! The good thing is that YouTube is free for all, irrespective of your country and nationality. Just get an internet enabled mobile phone with good camera, record and upload to YouTube. Take advantage of how easy it is to make and upload a YouTube video. You might need to buy a professional camera, but your initial cash outlay should be small. A series of short training videos can be directed to a website where you offer full courses.

  1. Open a Gym

Do you know that 8 out of 10 youths and adults now care about their physic? Gone are those days when people careless about their weight. Remember that being a sports lover is good, but owning a gym center is better. However, you’ll need to learn about financing and pick a good location. Don’t forget about getting the right insurance as well.

  1. Start a Sports Radio Station

Yes, you heard me right! Owning a radio show does not mean owning a radio station; they are two different things. You can own a radio sports show without even being a staff of the radio station – it’s called freelancing. Look around, and start connecting with friends and family that can help. You only need a link and not fund. Another option is to have an internet radio. The Internet makes this easy. All you need to get started is a computer, a good internet connection and the right software. If you’re looking to keep costs way down, consider the open source software available.

  1. Start a Jersey Customizing Business

If you graduated from any University in Nigeria; you will understand what am saying. You see, everybody loves to be identified with one or two football clubs in Nigeria. Just get the right material and get the Jersey customized. If you need concepts on customizing the Jersey, just indicate your interest in the comment section, and I will get back to you. Everyone wants to wear the name and number of their favorite athlete. A good graphic designer is another must have for this idea.

  1. Start a Sports Promotion Business

Stop wasting your data bundle promoting irrelevant pictures and videos. All you need to get this done is a social media present. Just make sure you are active on all the major social media platforms; gradually, people will start noticing your presence and your audience starts growing. Then you can start promoting sports events and the likes.

  1. Start A Video Game Center

Ask any young guy in Nigeria about PS 4; chances are that you will have 6 out of 10 familiar with this game. This is a bit capital intensive as you need a secure place, some furniture, TVs, generator, and game itself.

  1. Open a Sports viewing center with Bar

Yes, you are familiar with the sports viewing centers, but what of a viewing center with a bar? There are some people can’t watch football alone, which is why this business will always sell. Some even believe that the fun in football is when you watch with others. Build on the theme of the sports you played in or are currently playing in. If you don’t mind; I have a detail guide on this particular business. Just leave a comment below if interested.

  1. Become a Referee

This another business you can do without any capital. Yes, you are likely to start doing this for FREE, until people start trusting you. Looking to put your knowledge of your sports to the test? Being a referee is one way of doing just that. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be accredited by the local sports organization.

  1. Develop Sports Apps

If you are knowledgeable or have a friend or fund to build a sports App. You can start making residual income with this for live! Building mobile sports apps is big business! Remember that the most successful apps are easy to use.

  1. Sell Tickets for Sporting Events

When it comes to the club they love, football lovers can spend any amount. Although, having the right strategy is important here. A pre-public release schedule for members is a good option to attract a client base.

These are the ones I came up with, but the list is endless. You can add yours through the comment box below.

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  1. Pls I’m interested in numbers 9 and 12 customising of Jersey and setting up of viewing center with bar. Please I need the details on how to go about them.


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