Apple Business Secret That will change your business For Good

So, you also know that there is a BIG different between Apple products and others? Maybe, you are like me; that wonders why Apple keep outselling Samsung and Sony combined. Sometimes, I asked myself what is so special about Apple products that make them sale like crazy!!! Or Do you think it’s because of the BRAND? OK, if it about the BRAND what make them special? There is just but only one answer to this SIMPLICITY!!! This is because SIMPLICITY will always increase your level of EFFECTIVENESS.

simplicityI will try as much as possible to make today piece as short as possible. Have you ever used and Apple product? If yes, you will agree with me that Apple design is always very simple. In fact, it took me less than 30 minutes to know all about my first tab while nearly a week to learn all about my android phone. If you wont to understand what am saying try and use WINDOWS phone and you will know what I mean by complex design.

I’ve seen many people upset when I tell them that there is a very simple solution to their financial problem.  For example, there is a business that you can understand its structure in less than 1 hour. Clients seek the extraordinarily long presentation packed with graphs, assumptions, and disclaimers.  I remember talking to someone last week about Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business he was looking at me as if I was talking Chinese because the structure I gave was too simple for him – He desired something more complex.

Seeking complexity also shows up in other areas.  A doctor I knew once told my friend that the solution for his health problem is to stop smoking or eat less junk food.  My friend did not yield to this SIMPLE instruction which cost him his life in the long run. Simplicity is always the best way to go!!!

simplicity_and_effectiveness_earnbaseAnother example is the amount of money our society spends on weight-loss products.  The “simple” solution is to eat fewer calories, exercise more, or both.  But people will prefer to buy expensive product with time guide on usage.

Apple understood the power of SIMPLICITY and their product became the king! Irrespective of where you do; SIMPLICITY is always your best BET! Be it in business, blogging, fashion, makeup, school, church, home e.t.c SIMPLICITY is the way to go!

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