10 commandments of Fiverr That Must Not Be Broken

fiverr commandmentsI told you in my last post; that  things started going wrong the moment we start making decent sales. I my last post I also said the reason for that was unknown to me. As much as that was true; I shall be providing answers to why I start loosing sales after some decent sales.

If you must build a successful business on Fiverr; you must keep this laws/commandments. There are no two ways about it – it is either here or there. If you want to be successful like some powerful sellers on Fiverr; then keep this 10 commandments of Fiverr. If you break them; they will break you you too.

I understood why some people are making a living off Fiverr, and why some people find it very difficult to make a dine. That is just to tell us that there is a commandment to be recon with. Quickly, let me go over the 10 most powerful commandments of Fiverr that must not be broken.

10 Commandments Of Fiverr That Must Not Be Broken

  1. Thou Shall Deliver What You Will Promised: This is indeed the first commandment of Fiverr. Come to think of it; why do you think some people will offer some gigs? There are so many reasons but the major reasons for offering gigs that you are not knowledgeable about about is because you want to make huge sales. Just because someone is making sales does not guarantee that you will also make huge sales on the same nitch as well. Do you know it’s a bad influence on you if someone makes and order and you did not deliver? Don’t just think Fiverr will allow you to flaunt their website with gigs upon gigs that you know nothing about without any penalty – it’s not done anywhere.
  2. Thou Shall Use The Right Tittle, Description and Tags: This is the second commandment on fiverr. You must be able to use the right tittle, description and tags if you must make huge money on Fiverr. Remember, This is what your buyer will see. So, make sure you get it right as they will stand to convince and win your buyer over.
  3. Thou Shall Use The Right Gig Image: Do you remember the saying that goes by “picture converts than text”. If you want to drive traffic and make sales on Fiverr. You must use the right and eye catching picture for your Gig. You should also try as much as possible not to use a misleading picture.
  4. Thou Shall Not Copy Other People’s Gig: I belt most people don’t know this commandment or they deliberately violate this rule. Yes, you cannot copy other people’s gig but you can use their gig as a guild. Allow me to explain, if you intend to render a gig that is already doing well on Fiver like Web Traffic, SEO, eCover Design, Voice Over and many more. You can use their copy their write up for a guide and nothing more. If you copy people’s gig word for word; even if you get approved; that gig won’t go far. Bet me, you will not want to waste your effort on something that will not be profiting.
  5. Thou Shall Deliver On time: I don’t know how many times I need to echo this – customers are usually inpatient. They want their Gig delivered on time. In fact, if you can deliver before the expiration time agreed – you will win your buyers heart.
  6. Thou Shall Respond On time: How do you feel when you talk to people and they fail to reply you. Can you recall the pain you get when you chat with a friend on facebook, whatsapp, blackberry and twitter but they failed to respond to your chat. You feel avoided and unwanted that is just the way your Fiverr buyer felt when you do not reply their message on time.
  7. Thou Shall Offer Bonus: Everybody love free things and the case is not different on Fiverr. Buyers on Fiverr love to buy one gig and get another free. So, if you really want to sky rocket your sales; giving bonus is the way to go. Though, this is not a must but it is often necessary.
  8. Thou Shall Have More Than 1 Gig: Some years ago Fiverr will always give you the room to have up to 21 gigs on one account, but that as changed as Fiverr now only allows 7 gigs at maximum for a single account. So, if you want to make huge money on Fiverr you must have more than one gig. In fact, you must have 7 gigs for a single account. This will increase your chances of more traffic that someone with one or two gigs on a single account. More traffic equals more sales you know!!!
  9. Thou Shall Maintain Good Reviews Only: In case, reviews are your testimonials on Fiverr; bad reviews simply mean bad sales – it’s as simple as that. If there is anything you must beg your buyers for; it should be positive reviews. Reviews are the only ways your new buyer will be convince that you can actually deliver what you promised. Your reviews are your online adds; that is why you must get it right. In fact, buyers trust reviews than your videos. EarnBase puts it like this; “In all you do on Fiverr get good reviews.”
  10. Delete Bad Gigs: Sometimes you can’t just help having bad reviews. No matter what you do; some people are actually going to buy from you just because they want to give bad review. Usually these set of people are your competitors; who offer the same gigs as you. So, in other for them to have more sales; they will spend $5 to destroy your reputation to keep themselves in business. In case, this happens; just delete the gigs with bad reviews.

I hope this helps. Why not let me know your view on this by leaving your comments below.

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  1. I am just reading through this now. I am not an online business person or blogging but i really want to tap into the online business opportunity. What is your advise for someone that doesn’t have any idea of service to offer people?

  2. Hi, I have very little knowledge about freelance website like Fiverr, upwork and the likes. Please can you train me and broaden my knowledge about them.

  3. Thanks for this post which is quite revealing.I need clarification on the issue of 7 gigs in one account.Should the gigs come from the same niche or different niches?


    • It is not a must, but make sure it’s something complimenting. E.g proofreading service with bonus eBook on being the best author or writer


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