10 Hottest Services On Fiverr That Guarantees Over $100 Sales In Your First Month

Many thanks to all those who showed their interests in FREELANCING by commenting on my last post. Remembered, we spoke about FREELANCING and its benefits HERE. We also spoke about the BEST FREELANCING websites that you can jump start with, and FIVERR is one of them. FIVERR as being around for a very long time anyway! In fact, I first heard about Fiverr 7 years. At that time; I was able to make some cool money before getting a bad rating that got me out of that business. Yes, bad ratings can ruin your career as a FREELANCER!

Unfortunately, FREELANCING is not fortified against Change – it’s not stagnant. So, don’t expect to make a living with 10 years idea or knowledge; a lot has changed my brother. That is why you must make sure you keep learning and updating your knowledge on FREELANCING if you must make a living from this business. At a time; I also felt was dead, but I was dem wrong! That is why I will be updating you with some HOT services you can render as a FREELANCER and start making cool money on FIVERR.

10 Hot Services That Makes You Lot of Money on FIVERR

  1. Web Traffic: This is by far the hottest service you can render on FIVERR as a FREELANCER. Fortunately, traffic services have been able to retain this position for a very long time, and that it’s not likely to change anytime soon. You know why? Every online business needs traffic, and thousands of websites are launched every day. Aside, from that even old and establish websites still needs web traffic service. So, in my own opinion; this is the HOTTEST service on FIVERR!
  2. Voice Over: Lately, there are lots of attentions given to voice over services in the global world. This is because video marketing is gaining tremendous attention.
  3. Video Animation: This is just another hot service where people are making cool cash. However, if you are not skilled with video editing; this might not be a good service. Remember, one bad review is all you need and you and gone except you know what you are doing.
  4. Whiteboard Animation: This is also another hot service you can start selling on Fiverr with little training. All that is important here is your creativity and efficiency in the use of the required software.
  5. SEO: Just like the traffic service; SEO is another hot service one can sell on Fiverr. In case you are wondering what SEO means; it’s an acronym for Search Engine Optimizer. This service helps your website or blog to rank higher on Google.
  6. Google Analytics: If you don’t know Google Analytics is one the most advanced website statistic software platform available for free by the grand master Google. It helps you track your visitors, shows your sales conversion, goal, payment, cross domain tracking, multiple domain tracking, custom dashboard creation & reporting, etc.! That is why business people can’t do without this on their blog or website. Now, you see why this service is hot?
  7. Social Media Traffic: With the increase in the use of social media; brands and corporate organization can no longer ignore its presence. If you must stay in business, then social media traffic must be an important part of your business. The number of users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp e.t.c is capable of changing the way we do business today.
  8. Logo Design: It’s indeed a hot service, but takes time to deliver except you have some sort of professionalism in graphics design with relevant software that makes your work easy and fast. This was the first service I offered on Fiverr 7 years ago. I had too many orders than I could deliver.
  9. Article Writing: Just because information rules the world; this service will keep selling! There are lots of people who needs an article for their blog or contents for their ebook. It is one of the services I love to render on Fiverr because it is easy and fast to deliver. The only condition or rule to this service is that the article or content must be 100% original. However, there are ways around this; so, it’s never an issue.
  10. Proofreading: If you need a fast money, try proofreading! With proofreading service alone; you can be banking nothing less than $200 every month. Even if your best grade in the English language was never better than D;, you can still do excellently well providing this service on Fiverr.

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  1. Thank you for this Eye-opener.

    Please how can we receive complete payment for any job done in Fiverr without a dollar account?


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