10 Businesses You Can Start From Home

Are you homesick? Staying at home no longer interest you? Movies and novels now seem boring to you? Tada! Here is a compilation of 10 interesting home based jobs

Interior Designer

You don’t need a special office for this, all you need is creativity and the ability to brainstorm. Your knack for style and ability to create design can make you suitable for this service. To build this skill, you can start by designing your home.


Do you love writing? become a freelance Writer. You can find a lot of freelance writing jobs on websites and blogs so register. Groom yourself also to become a good writer. 

Party Planner

Sounds fun right? People often need help when it comes to planning events, from graduations to birthday parties, etc. do you enjoy planning and can communicate effectively different clients? Then this is a job you can do mainly from home, though you may have to meet with clients at event locations from time to time.


You can become a teacher from home. Know your niche and what you love doing. Create a you–tube account and make tutorial videos. E.g. how to prepare dishes/snacks how to make smoothies, how to cut dress, etc.

Dry-cleaning and laundry service

With just soap, water and bowl you can start this business. Meet with neighbors around you offer to wash for them for a cheap amount of money. Make a trial can convince them and watch your business grow.


All you need is a laptop and a good internet. You can start blogging about interesting topic topics about celebrities, treading new, politics and upcoming events. When your blog become popular, you can monetize it in so many ways. Offer to make adverts for people, be committed and steadily watch your business grow

Beads and Wireworks

Beads and wireworks had always remained in vogue, with years passing by both men and women love to adorn themselves with these exquisite jewelries. Create your own designs, invent you own style, step into the industry, make cultural and fashionable jewelry, which can be sold locally, nationally and internationally.


Are you’re a great cook? Do people you know can’t stop complimenting when they taste your food? Do people come running when they smell the aroma of your dishes or baked goods? Your snacks taste so amazing the kids won’t leave your side? Then I think it time you spike this services and talent and start a catering business. Start small and watch your business grow

Handmade products

 Nowadays handmade products are very popular. Products includes, soap, antiseptics, cream, bags, shoe, etc.  You can make product from home and sell both offline and online, remembering to keep the quality of your product. 

Breeding or farming

Yeah, you saw it right as weird as it might sound this is an interesting business to try out. Domestic animals to try out with includes: birds; pigs; rabbits; fish. Read about this business, get a space in your compound and try it out.

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