10 Businesses You Can Do As A Student

Being a student can be fun, but being a broke student can make life so depressing. You have to pay for books and handouts, make photocopies, pay for transportation, accommodation and feeding as well as a whole lot of other expenses. Also considering the fact that most students don’t get everything they need to survive in school from home.

So here are 10 different business opportunities you can start without a lot of upfront expense or time commitment.

1. Blogging

You have a passion for writing? All you need is a laptop and a good internet. You can start blogging about interesting topic topics on campus, hot gist and upcoming events. When your blog become popular, you can monetize it in so many ways. Apart from earning, blogging widens your knowledge as a student, you get to read more and learn more.

2. Hairdressing/barbing

Can you barb/weave hair as a student? lucky you. All you need is a mirror, comb/clipper, brush, hair cream, etc. you can help plait/barb your fellow student hair and charge them a token for it. You can schedule your work on weekends so it doesn’t clash with classes.

3. Tutoring

There are two ways in which you can handle tutoring as a student. The first is the online tutoring, where you register with website that hire online tutor. The other way is to search for parents who need home teacher for their kids

4. Branding Business

In recent times, branding and customization business is becoming highly profitable and less stressful. People now brand a lot of stuffs ranging from clothes, bracelets, shoes, bags and so on. All you need to do is to scout around for a reliable designer and printer to get the job done. And then watch out for departmental parties, birthday parties and other celebrations. Once you can get a jobs well done you will become trusted and popular. You will never realize how profitable this business is until you start it. Try it out!

5. Laundry/cleaning service

Students can be lazy, and can most times find it difficult to do their laundries,  clean their rooms or apartment. You could earn extra cash washing and ironing for classmates, schoolmates and lecturers at an affordable price.

6. Freelance writing

In case you don’t know you can make a very good amount of money writing articles, creative contents, and become a freelance Writer. You can find a lot of freelance writing jobs on websites like FreelancerOdeskElanceFiverriwriter and other micro-job websites. You must be a good writer before you can survive here but trust me it will get you good cash.

7. Graphic design

Graphic design is highly profitable now due to the high percentage of people creating new websites. Web designers need graphic designers to help them create banners, logos and other similar materials to use to make their websites beautiful.

8. Sewing

Sewing is another interesting campus business you can venture into. By helping other students sew and mend their clothes, you can grow your business and own your own fashion clothing factory where you employ many people that will saw for you.

9. Catering service

As a student you can take orders to  make cakes, small chops and snacks for students, during birthdays, convocations, matriculations, departmental parties. Look out for upcoming events and also let your friends know about your brands.

10. Photography

Is there anything anything else students love doing? Students love to take photographs most especially the newbies. There is also high demands for passport photographs in many higher institutions in Nigeria. The photography business is a very profitable one and all you need is a digital camera, no matter how small it is, to get started.

Post made by: Rebecca Akomolafe

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