10 Awesome Reasons Why Whatsapp Is The Best App For Business

Awesom reason to use whatsapp for businessRecently, I have come to conclusion that Whatsapp is the best business marketing tool at the moment. No wonder, Facebook bought the App for $9 billion in 2014. This outstanding instant messaging app as being helping businesses for sometimes now. but some people are yet to know the value of the great App for business. The numbers speak for themselves: WhatsApp now has over a billion regular active users -that is why the corporate world is interested.

According to Internet trend analyst, Mary Meeker, in the future people will prefer to communicate with small groups using WhatsApp or similar applications, instead of sending messages to friends through Facebook and Twitter. This is one of the reasons why I firmly believe that Whatsapp is a great communication tool for many companies.

Lately, Whatsapp has become the primary means of communication for many people because of the great possibility to quickly share text, photos, videos and audio messages. Many of us communicate with our family and friends via Whatsapp because it is the quickest and most effective way to share information.

Today virtually all types of companies need to improve their communication with existing customers or potential future customers. Most of these companies are struggling to capture the attention of consumers because there is a lot of information and a lot of competition today.

If you are yet to start using whatsapp for your business; then you are doing yourself not good whatsoever. Quickly, permit me to list here 10 awesome reasons why whatsapp best business app.

Whatsapp offers a wide variety of benefits for businesses

  1. Whatsapp Speed: Whatsapp is one of the fastest and most interesting ways to communicate in this present day.
  2. Opening ratio: The rate at which people open their Whatsapps messages in higher than the ration at which people open their emails.
  3. Frequency of use: As a matter of fact, Whatsapp users check messages often during the day. According to experts, more than 100 times a day.
  4. Improve customer service: By integrating WhatsApp into your marketing strategy, you can easily respond to all of the queries from your loyal customers in real time. With increasing number of smartphone users, you have the opportunity to connect with your target customers and generate maximum leads for your business. WhatsApp marketing allows you to send images and videos making your entire marketing campaign more engaging and interesting compared to traditional SMS Marketing.
  5. Preferred channel by consumers: From the point of view of customers, it is much simpler and easier to send a message via Whatsapp to a company, rather than call or send them an email.
  6. Whatsapp has over 1 billion users and a large number of them use it daily. It is the cheapest means to chat with anybody in the world; even internationally.
  7. Whatsapp works with all mobile operating systems and that’s why it’s so popular.
  8. Facebook paid 19 billion USD when it bought Whatsapp in February 2014.
  9. Whatsapp is in use than SMS: In many countries people no longer use SMS text messages
  10. Whatsapp is FREE to use and in some countries cost less than a dollar per year.

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