Complete Liquid Soap Chemicals (25 Liters)

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Though, there are several people doing liquid soap but our formula is unique. If you follow our chemical combinations; you can never go wrong in making Professional liquid soap.

There are eight (8) chemicals involved in making liquid soap; some of which are primary while others are variable chemicals – chemicals you can do without.

Product Description

Chemicals Needed For Making Liquid Soap And Their Measurements

  1. STPP – Clearnniness and Thickness Agent (Measurement 1/4 )
  2. Caustic Soda – Cleaning Agent (Measurement 1/16 ) [Though nobody will sell that quantity to you. This is because the smallest quantity you can buy is 1/4. So, divide that 1/4 into four portions and use one portion and keep the remaining three portion. PLEASE NOTE: Too much of this chemical peels your hand]
  3. Natrosol – Cleaning and Thickness Agent (Measurement 1/4 )
  4. Soda ash – Cleaning Agent (Measurement 1/4 )
  5. Sulphonic Acid – Foaming Agent (Measurement 2 liters)
  6. Laurel Rice – Foaming Agent (Measurement 1/4 ) [You can do without this chemical. Just add 1/2 liter to your Sulphonic acid quantity]
  7. Texapon – Foaming Agent (Measurement 1/4 )
  8. Formalin – Preservative Agent (Measurement 1/4 ) [You don’t have to use all this chemical; 2 cap of Eva table water will do. Formalin is a harmful chemical; I causes cancer if abused. So use with care – very small quantity will not harm though.] Or [better still you can use Citric Acid, Benzoic Acid and Sodium Benzonate.]
  9. Coloring (Measurement)
  10. Perfume (Measurement)


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