Chemicals Form Making Awesome Perfumes

5,000.00 3,500.00

Product Description

S/n Raw Materials Quantity

1 Methanol 50 grams

2 Avalon (Raw perfume) 15 kg

3 Colourant (optional) 2.5 kg

4 Glycerine (optional) 1 kg

5 Water (optional) 10 kg

6 Blue river (Raw perfume) 1.9 kg

7 Tahoe (Raw perfume) 50 kg

8 212 (Raw perfume) 1 kg


Step 1: Wash all the apparatus to be used very well to avoid impregnation of any unwanted odour or aroma

Step 2: Measure out the raw perfumes into the mixing chamber

Step 3: Add the methanol and stir to homogeneity

Step 3b: Add the water (if you want to). I should tell you that adding water will reduce the quality of your perfume but if you are producing for the off the shelf market, you will need to add waterin order to maximal profit. But if you are into bespoke production please do not add water

Step 4: Add glycerin (only if you are into bespoke production)

Step 5: Add colour if you want, but be informed that it might cause staining of cloths when used on white cloths

Step 6: Leave to stand for 2 hours before packaging

Step 7: Package your product ready for the market


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